Calendar reconsidered, delay absorbed

Despite the quarantine measures linked to the health crisis and the temporary halt in all operations, measures were taken to respect the schedule.

“For the moment, we are trying and should succeed in not impacting the planned delivery dates”, says Christophe Hirsinger deglithed. The director of Bouygues TP Monaco who has spared no efforts and energy to succeed in establishing a redesign of operations in order to save time and allow compliance with the overall schedule. “The difficulty lies in particular in the supply of certain materials such as our reinforcements, especially stainless steel. Some of these frames are ready to be delivered by our partners, but the transport companies which we work with being closed, we have to find other providers. For March, we are not in a critical situation but in April, things should get more complicated. In addition, the other critical activity is at the level of soil treatment. We are trying to gradually restart it this week.” On the other hand, no major difficulty concerning a large part of the maritime infrastructure. The reception of the concrete structure of the site as well as of the civil engineering part of the superstructure, that is to say, the sea walls, the hooks on the Larvotto side and the Hercule port but also the laying of the riprap, could therefore be done according to schedule.

Georges-Olivier KALIFA

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