MayaBay, a perfect combination

A vibrant atmosphere mixed with flavours from around the world provide you with an enjoyable gastronomic experience.

Atmosphere and cuisine, combine in a warm and colourful temple, where exotic aromas blend with the scent of travel. The MayaBay brings together refined decoration and the pleasures of the senses. From the Asian style lounge contrasting with the “pop coloured” Chesterfield armchairs in the more traditional lounge, to the precious wood terrace, the entire setting blends in with the presentation of a cuisine which is both gastronomic and creative.

The Japanese restaurant

In the heart of the Japanese space nestles the restaurant offering all sorts of sushi, sashimi and tempura specialities, depending on the day’s catch. All the produce used on the menu is inspected by an approved State organisation.

The designer of this Zen and comfortable area, Noé Duchaufour was inspired by the ripples made by a drop of water when he imagined the pearly white armchairs and the tables in the shape of smooth pebbles… a whole lot of haiku.

The Thai restaurant

In the kitchen, the astonishing collaboration between a French chef and his team of traditional Thai cooks really brings to each dish a true touch of authenticity and harmony.

The Thai restaurant of the MayaBay has built a solid reputation within the Principality and its unique atmosphere attracts customers from well beyond the borders of Monaco.


Le Roccabella
24, Avenue Princesse Grace – MC 98000 MONACO
TEL : +377 97 70 74 67